Must-See TV in NYC

I still haven't caught up on sleep...or work, or blogging! I have several posts in draft mode, but they aren't ready yet. Instead I'm talking about some of the super touristy things we did while in NYC. Specifically, the must-see TV spots we visited!

Last Sunday James and I had plans to meet up with a friend of mine near Union Square, so I decided we had to wander around Greenwich Village and visit a couple must-see sights. 

The Friends Building ||

The Friends building was an absolute must for me! I spent most of my freshman year of college watching Friends. My roommate and I owned all ten seasons on DVD and just played them on a loop. So I obviously had to make a stop here.

Sex and the City Stoop ||

And then it turned out Carrie Bradshaw's stoop was right around the corner! Apparently a lot of people visit, so there was a sign up.  And there was some construction related trash right next to the stoop, but we made it work!

How I Met Your Mother Bar ||

Finally, we went to McGee's, the bar that inspired MacLaren's Pub on How I Met Your Mother. We meant to go on Monday night, but we didn't make it until Tuesday morning. In case you forgot, Tuesday was St. Patrick's Day. A pretty big deal in the Irish pub world! We got there right when they opened at 11, and I was disappointed to find out they weren't serving their HIMYM themed drinks. I'd already decided what I wanted to drink - A Pineapple Incident. (They have a Robbin Sparkles drink, but it is Crown and Apple Pucker and sounded nasty!)

James and I at McGees ||

Instead James and I had two very expensive Bud Lights. We hung around long enough to finish our drinks, and then we left. I'm sure the place could be a lot of fun on a normal day, but they were definitely preparing for the St. Paddy's Day craziness. 

There were other TV related sights I wanted to see, but these were the three that were must see for me! I'll be back with lots more about the NYC trip soon :)

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