My Love-Hate Relationship

One of my favorite scenes from What's Your Number (which is totally a guilty pleasure movie for me) is the one where Anna Faris gets tipsy at her sister's engagement party and rants abut bangs. Because that's about how I feel right now. I'm stuck in a love-hate relationship with my bangs!  (I'd link to the speech, but the only video on YouTube of it actually cuts that line out. So take my word for it!)

Bangs: A Love-Hate Relationship ||

Yes, I love my heavy eybrow grazing bangs.  They keep my forehead a mystery, which means I don't have to wax my eyebrows. They make a ponytail feel fancy.

Fancy Ponytail with bangs ||

But heavy bangs in the Oklahoma summer suck. When you break a sweat walking out the front door, that means your bangs will either be stuck to your forehead the rest of the day, or worse, they will absorb the moisture and decide to go rogue. Meaning they fight against the tyranny of the straightener and curl every which way, leaving me looking like a poodle.

It isn't a good look for me.

So about this time of the year I start growing out the bangs. And I hate it. I want to rail against them like Anna Faris. I spend half my life growing out my bangs, it seems.

Growing out the bangs ||

But fall will roll around and I'll head back to my fabulous hair stylist and start the process all over again. Because that's what I do. It's a love-hate thing, y'all.