Quiche Solves Everything

Is there such a thing as morning sickness regression? Because it totally happened to me. I was feeling awesome for about a week and half and then boom. It was back. Thankfully, it seems to have gone away again! Let's hope it's gone for good this time, because I'm ready to get back to life! 

I started re-entering the world again last week. That sounds crazy, but I really felt like I disappeared for weeks on end. But last week I had dinner with a friend, went to a cloth diaper boot camp (more on that another day!), and actually went out for a little bit this weekend. Ok, I was ready to go home after about an hour that night, but it's a start. 

I'm currently waiting for a quiche to finish baking in the oven. I've been on a quiche kick. It started a couple weeks ago when I called Pie Junkie to see if they had any quiche left (they have AMAZING quiche). Unfortunately, I didn't ask them to hold the quiche, and I was left quiche-less as I watched an elderly couple buy 8 pieces right in front of me. Heartbreaking on a normal day, devastating for a pregnant lady with a serious craving. I learned my lesson and had them hold quiche for me last week when I was in the area, and it was so worth it. But I can't drive all the way to the Plaza District whenever I get a craving, so I'm trying to find the best recipe to make at home. (Suggestions? I'm open to them!) 

And I'm still reading more than usual. I've finished up quite a few since Quick Lit, especially thanks to the Readathon I participated in. If you want to see what I've been reading before November's Quick lit, you can follow me on Goodreads.

Ok, I'm off to eat some quiche. And then maybe some chocolate chip muffins, because why not? 

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