Revel in the Now - and the Now is Pain!

Remember how proud I was of myself on Monday for working in the flower bed? Well, the results of that have been decidedly mixed. On the positive side, we do have some pretty flowers blooming:

Pretty flowers are not worth back pain!

But there is a downside - I've been in pain since Monday night! Somehow I managed to hurt my back while doing all the things last weekend. I don't know if it was lifting the giant bags of mulch or soil, or if it was the bending over the flower bed. But I do know that I'm living on a steady diet of Aleve and mixing heat and ice packs like it's my job!

So tomorrow I plan on taking it easy. Lots of couch sitting and computer work in this gal's future. I'll leave the yardwork to my husband ;)

Oh, and if you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed I've started using the hashtag #Revel100. I'm participating in a friend's movement to encourage people to revel in their lives. I'm not committing to posting every day, but I've posted nearly every day this week. (Some hashtags? #RevelinWork and #RevelinWine It's been that kind of week!)


Enjoy your weekend, friends! Revel in your glory - or in your work. 

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