TGIF - Girls Weekend Edition

Whew, it's been a crazy week, right? The AT&T debacle took up way too much of my week, but we finally have all of our services back! I was actually only in the office two days this week, because I'm currently in Washington DC! 


Well, depending on what time you read this I might still be in Baltimore. I flew in yesterday morning to visit my little sister who lives here, but today I'm heading to DC for a girls weekend! We're going to see a play tonight, tour the White House tomorrow, and go to a fun and fancy event on Saturday night. It's going to be busy and fun and amazing, and I can't wait!


 So far I've had some awesome food (lobster mac and cheese and crab cakes), local beer, and spent hours watching Jane the Virgin at my sister's house. Anyone else watch that show? The premise seemed so crazy to me, but as long as you can accept it is a telenovela (basically a soap opera) it is actually pretty good! 

Of course we also went on a little tour of the city, but I'll tell yall about that another day. I'm off on a DC adventure! Have a fabulous weekend!