The Baby Belly

Happy Friday! Popping in to say that I am coming back NEXT WEEK with a brand new series called "Gone Crunchy". In it I'll explain why I'm letting my inner hippie come out to play, and how that's going to look as we add a little girl to our family. (And I promise it will launch next week. I've already written the first post.)

But first, let's talk about something that's been bothering me recently. 

I've been dealing with a lot of comments about my body. I expected that to happen. There's something about being pregnant that makes people think they have the right to comment on every little personal detail (and ask some really inappropriate questions). But really, I've been dealing with some less than nice comments about my body for years, so I'm not that shocked. 

Here's the thing: I've gained 20 pounds over the last 31 weeks or so. My midwives tell me I'm measuring exactly where I should be. Our little girl is constantly wiggling around, elbowing me or doing some sort of dance in there. All her ultrasounds have looked perfect, and her heartbeat is always strong. There is no reason I should be concerned. 

However, everyone keeps telling me how not big I am. Seriously, everyone. We could fund our daughter's college education if I had a dollar every time someone said this to me. I know everyone has the best intentions when they say it. But hearing it over and over again, literally every time I leave the house, is starting to wear on me. It's beginning to make me wonder if I'm doing something wrong, to the point that I'm starting to lose sleep over it. 

I know most pregnant women deal with some sort of commentary about their weight gain, or lack thereof. The thing is, no two women are alike. Some carry their babies super high and straight out. Some carry low and compact. Some just have a tougher time with weight gain - others have a tough time gaining weight at all. And everyone starts at a different place! For example, here's a comparison of me at 12 weeks and me at 31 weeks:

12 weeks vs 31 weeks

Clearly things have changed, and I don't just mean losing my tan or the fuzzies on the tank top.(What can I say, when you wear the same thing almost every day the fuzzies are bound to happen.)

Pregnancy is hard enough without having to endure endless comments about your body. Can we all just agree to stop commenting on pregnant women's bodies? Actually, can we stop commenting on women's bodies in general? There's just so many other things we could be talking about! 

If you've made comments like this to pregnant women (or women in general), don't beat yourself up about it. But maybe next time we can talk about something else? I'd love to tell you about the nursery we've been working on, or the Hypnobabies method, or the cloth diaper stash I'm collecting. Or you know, how my business is going since leaving my 9 to 5! 

I do hope some of you are interested in the cloth diaper and Hypnobabies info, because that's totally going to be covered in the new Gone Crunchy series. So stay tuned :)

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