What I'm Into: November 2014

Whew, how did December get here already! I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving last week. I had a wonderful time with family, but we did have a little scare when Winchester got loose! Luckily someone found him (and the dog he ran off with) and we got him back within hours. It was scary though! (He was thoroughly ashamed of himself when we got him back.)

Sad Winchester

Now, on to the real point of the post. What I was into in November!

On my bookshelf: I listened to a couple audiobooks last month. I Capture the Castle and Unbroken, and I read I Heart My Little A**holes, The Vacationers, Three Wishes, and a couple more that I can't think of right now! I'll share a full list in this month's Twitterature post. (For details on other books I read, check out last month's Twitterature post.)

On my tv: I just started Veronica Mars yesterday and I'm loving it! I've also been watching the Tudors; I needed my historical fix after I finished the Borgias. And I went to see Mockingjay in theaters! I went to the Warren in Moore with a couple of friends. We sat in the balcony and felt oh so fancy with our heated seats and dinner. The movie was pretty good too :)


In my ears: Taylor Swift! I didn't care for the album at first, but it has grown on me and I can't shake it off. (Get it?) 

On my wall: I bought my first piece of original art. It's a Rita Ortloff and I love it. 

Rita Ortloff

Other important stuff: My birthday is this weekend! I'm finishing up CASA training this month! The busy season at work is nearly over! Ok, that's all for December not November. But November was a doozy and I'm just so glad it's over. 

Onward to birthday and Christmas and the new year. Hooray!