Working From Home: Routines are Crucial

I've been working from home for two weeks now. It's been awesome and also a bit of a struggle. I didn't realize how reliant I had become on my routines, and now that I have no routine I've been thrown for a loop! 

Working from Home - you need a routine! || MrsRobbinsSparkles

Back when I had a day job I would wake up between 5:30 and 6 to shower, get some client work done, and get ready for the day. I'd drive 30+ minute downtown to the office, do the banking thing until lunch when I'd pull out my personal computer and do client work for an hour before going back to the banking thing until 4:30 when I would either go home to work more or head to a coffee shop to work before meeting a friend for dinner or something. 

Things varied a little, but that's what life looked like the past couple years. Busy but predictable. 

Now that I can do whatever I want whenever I want, it is a little overwhelming! Don't get me wrong - it is pretty wonderful too. Last week storms blew through our state, and James got to sleep in. So I decided to make biscuits and gravy for us!

Biscuits and Gravy

The next day I took an hour in the afternoon to work out. And by work out, I mean I read a book and walked around our pool for about an hour. (Full disclosure: our pool turned green the next day. I have no idea what happened!)


My first week working for myself I took a quick trip to Dallas for a networking event - on a Tuesday! I stayed with a friend and worked from her couch. And last week I took a few hours in the afternoon to run errands and visit the AT&T store to get a new phone. (Upgraded to a 6! And I snagged a half-price Kate Spade case, so it was a win all around.)

Kate Spade || MrsRobbinsSparkles

Clearly I've been taking advantage of the flexibility. But two weeks in I realize I NEED routine to succeed. So I'm working on creating a routine I can stick with. If you work for yourself, any tips? I've got some ideas but I'd love to know how other people do it. 

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