Final Thoughts on Blue Apron

I've made a few more meals from Blue Apron now, and I've reached a decision: Blue Apron is awesome, but isn't right for us. It makes me a little sad, because some of the meals are so good! 

Lamb Burgers - Mrs Robbins Sparkles cooks with Blue Apron

Vadouvan Spiced Lamb Burgers were surprisingly good! And while I've fried zucchini before, I've never used bread crumbs. This was a great meal!

Chicken Milanese - Mrs Robbins Sparkles cooks with Blue Apron

Chicken Milanese was actually pretty similar to one of my go-to recipes, but I liked this twist on it. And I cheated and served the corn as a side instead of putting in the salad!

Cod & Soba Noodles - Mrs Robbins Sparkles cooks with Blue Apron

This was the first meal: Cod & Miso Soba Noodles. I wrote about it before, but I really liked this one. James didn't really care for it, but he did eat it.

Steak & Roasted Potatoes - Mrs Robbins Sparkles cooks with Blue Apron

Steak and roasted potatoes was probably my favorite ones, but it's also one that I've made before prior to Blue Apron.

So if I really liked the meals, why am I going to cancel my Blue Apron subscription? There are a few reasons. 

1. Meals are a little too foodie for my husband. He's a meat and potatoes kinda guy, and something like Cod and Miso Noodles is a stretch for him. He'll eat it, but I don't think he really enjoys it. And for $60 a week, I want us both to enjoy it! 

2. Our schedule is too random. James is never home at the same time every day, and often he runs out right before dinner to run a fire call. The fish dishes do NOT reheat or stay warm well, and we didn't even cook one of the meals in the last box because we weren't both home enough that week. 

3. It always takes longer than the recipe says. Not much, sometimes only 10 minutes. But even though I work from home now, I still don't like spending an hour on dinner three times a week. That's too much time for a call to come in and pull James away! 

So is Blue Apron worth it? If you have a regular schedule and don't mind interesting meals, then absolutely! And maybe we will try it again someday. But for now, it just isn't working. Don't worry Blue Apron. It isn't you, it's me. 

Previously on Mrs Robbins Sparkles...

Win a $200 Giftcard to Lush Decor!

Win $200 to Lush Decor!

I've always loved decorating my space. When I was a kid I would spend hours looking at home decor catalogs and trying to decide what I would buy if my parents would let me redecorate my room. In high school I did get the chance to entirely re-do my room. I spent a weekend watching the Royal Tenenbaums and painting my room a deep purple. (Fun fact: I chose the color because I loved the color of Sarah Michelle Gellar's room in Cruel Intentions. Years later I would learn that those walls were actually blue - the color on my TV was off!) I also bought all new bedding and an awesome purple telephone to match everything. (Really, the telephone was amazing.) 

In college I was so excited to decorate my dorm room. My roommate and I chose matching comforters, pillows, towels, everything. Our room looked like a Target ad and I loved it. There was color everywhere. Pinks, oranges, purples, so much color! The following year I moved into my first apartment and got to decorate again. I moved nearly every year after that for the next decade, and it was always exciting getting to start over. But I recently realized that with each move my style's gotten more boring! Here's my current bedroom: 

Current bedroom

See? Pretty boring. I mean, there's nothing bad. We've got the basics down, but it lacks something. It needs some color! It needs some pizzazz! It needs some Lush

Lush Decor Giveaway

See, how awesome is that quilt? It's so colorful! 

Or how about this one? 

Lush Quilt

Let's be honest though, I'm more of a white bedding kinda gal. In fact, I recently went through my Pinterest boards to see what catches my eye these days. And it's white bedding. Seriously, check out my Bedroom Bliss board Like probably 90% of my pins involve white bedding like this.

White comforter

But I already showed you the picture of my current bedroom. The comforter I have on my bed looks remarkably similar to that one, right? So what I really need is some color like this Adrianne throw.

Adrianne throw

There are lots of other great options on Lush Decor. Pillows, window treatments, and shower curtains galore!

Lush Pillows, Throws, and More

Lush Decor is the modern-day version of those home decor catalogs I used to spend hours browsing. And that's why I'm happy to be co-hosting a giveaway to with Ashley! One lucky winner will win a $200 giftcard. Enter to win through Rafflecopter below. You have until January 19th, so get going! 

And after you've checked out come back here and tell me what you'd buy! I love that purple throw, but my husband would probably prefer the navy curtains. What would you buy if you won the giftcard?

Important details: The winner will get a $200 gift card. Entire amount must be used at one time, so if you win use it all up! Can't find $200 worth of product? I would totally accept this pillow as a thank you present. In navy. (I kid, of course. Buy something for yourself!)  

Friday, I'm in Love: My Fiddle Leaf Fig!

I haven't talked about my plant babies in awhile. They're all doing really well, especially my fiddle leaf fig tree! 

Ferdinand the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

He was in pretty sad shape when I brought it home, and I was really worried about him for awhile. Ferdinand the Fig Leaf lost nearly all of his leaves; down to about 4 leaves, I think. But I moved him into the sun a little more, started watering  more often (but smaller amounts each time) and he's thriving! He's grown some new leaves, and is growing more. See?

Before I bought Ferdinand, I read up on fiddle leaf figs. I knew they were pretty hard to take care of. This post by the Gardenista was super helpful, so I decided to take the plunge! These plants are so pretty and really make a statement. I couldn't be happier with little ol' Ferdinand! Maybe my thumb isn't so black anymore :)

A little housekeeping note: the When I Grow Up series will resume on Wednesday. Between my two jobs and my CASA classes, I ran out of time this week!