Back in 2011, I founded J Bryant Creative. In the past four years I've worked with some amazing clients, including one of the fastest growing online communities for corporate executives and several local non-profit agencies. 

I've written press releases, run social media accounts,  and even managed an advisory group of powerful finance executives. With an accounting degree from the University of Oklahoma, I have a business mind with a heart for creative work. Some of my favorite projects have been editing novels and proofreading websites, though I've even worked with graduate students to polish their theses.

Another passion of mine is helping people land the perfect job. I've taken a handful of crumpled up notebook pages and turned them into a well-crafted resume; imagine what I can do with what you already have on file!

Some of the services I offer include

  • Corporate Blogging
  • Content Management
  • Copywriting
  • Resume Critique

For more information, please check out my business page at

I look forward to working with you!

J Bryant Creative, professional writing and editing services